Sunday, August 27, 2017


artist: ซานตานอย (santanoy)
album: ซานตานอย (santanoy)
01. ซานตานอย (santanoy)
02. ควายตัวดำ (khwai tua dam)
03. คนรักป่า (khon rak pa)
04. ลำพึง ลำพัง (lam phueng, lam phang)
05. สุรา (sura)
06. อวยชัย (uaichai)
07. ริมฝั่งคลอง (rim fang khlong)
08. ขุนเขา สายธาร (khun khao, sai than)
09. ฝันไป (fan pai)
10. รถติด (rot tit)

last week, oi b.m. gave us a hint as to carlos santana's musical legacy in thailand; this week, we'll meet an even more fervent devotee.. santanoy! little-remembered today, noy thirawisan chunlamakon had contributed saxophone and harmonica to the december 1991 album wicha phae by famed phuea chiwit rockers carabao, and released his solo album on their d-day entertainment label the same month. the liner notes also list the entirety of carabao members as producers here, as well as for various instrumental credits. from my own anecdotal observations, santana seems to have had the greatest influence on thai music of any western rock-star. probably the long-time popularity of latin rhythms in the kingdom particularly helped to set the chicano legend up for success, over his more stolid rock contemporaries. as santanoy sings, he's "the thai cha-cha-cha to santana's latin soul".. enjoy!



gurokami said...

this is a funny one - thank you as always for posting, sir. by the way, do you still ever take requests to reupload old links? there's some old tapes here that i never got around to listen to during their original run and would be extremely interested to be able to access the files :)

Bird King Faisal Jewell the 1st said...

Thank you for including the year in this cassette. Usually, when you post albums, you only include the decades like the 1980s. I hope you include more posts with the year that they were released.

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