Saturday, August 19, 2017

oi b.m.: sao pump

artist: อ้อย บีเอ็ม (oi b.m.)
album: สาวปั้ม (sao pump)
01. สาวปั้ม (sao pump)
02. ไปไหนมา (pai nai ma)
with ใหญ่ บางกรวย (yai bangkruai)
03. ตัวเดียวอันเดียว (tua diao an diao)
04. ตำรวจตำเล่น (tamruat tam len)
05. คนในซอย (khon nai soi)
06. พี่มีแค่เนียะ (phi mi khae nia)
07. หนุ่มยาวสาวใหญ่ (num yao sao yai)
with ใหญ่ บางกรวย (yai bangkruai)
08. หนุ่มเล่นว่าวสาวตกเบ็ด (num len wao sao tok bet)
with ใหญ่ บางกรวย (yai bangkruai)
09. ขายเกาเหลาไปเกาหลี (khai kao lao pai kao li)
10. เอ็นดูน้องเมีย (en du nong mia)
11. คนเล่นของ (khon len khong)
12. หนูให้ดู (nu hai du)

this week we have an interesting historical curiosity: one of a series of cassettes released by oi b.m., a legend of bangkok's escort industry in the 1980s. as founder of the "sensuality bank" and godmother of hundreds, possibly thousands, of the nation's sex workers, she was influential in part for encouraging her employees to take up with their johns whenever possible, helping to launch the field of "open-ended prostitution"1. the recordings here consist mostly of oi singing humorous lyrics, occasionally alluding to her professional life, over a synthesized backing with the occasional electric guitar lick and male back-up vocals from yai bangkruai. enjoy!



Timmy said...

Well done rendition of "Oye Como Va", musically that is. The accompanying vocals are on another scale. Would be interesting to see English translation of the lyrics. Her singing is great. Thanx...........

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